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Dell Venue 8 7000 Series: World's Thinnest Tablet

Dell Venue 8 7000 Series: World’s Thinnest Tablet

Dell has announced a tablet of its new Dell Venue 8 7000 series which is a crazy futuristic tablet. First of all, this is the thinnest tablet to surface the tech world till now. The tablet is just 6mm thin which makes it look sleek …

Future of HDTV

The Future of the High Definition TV

Our current line-up includes the LCD, Plasma and LED TV. They all come packed with loads of different features depending on your budget; HD Ready, Full HD, 3D, Internet TV, USB connectivity and many more. Our options are increasing everyday in this fast moving industry. …

Resident Evil Revelations

10 Reasons to get a Nintendo 3DS

With the release of the Nintendo 3DS just around the corner we thought it was only appropriate that we give you some reasons why this handheld gaming console is going to kick-ass (NGP-ass). So below are 10 reasons why this handheld gaming console is a …


Is 3D TV the future or a dead-end?

Is 3D TV ever going to replace 2D or is it just an expensive novelty? Nowadays, you may find yourself surrounded by hundreds upon thousands of different technological fads and gimmicks that just make you want to scream. When I’m faced by this problem, I …

Angry Birds Superbowl Hidden Code

Angry Birds set for Nintendo 3DS release

Angry Birds has taken the gaming world by storm and it will soon be on just about every platform imaginable. During the fourth quarter of Superbowl XLV last night, a 30-second commercial was aired that featured the newest version of the Angry Birds game, which …

3DS vs Next Generation Portable

Next Generation Portable Vs 3DS: Which Is Best?

The seventh generation of gaming kicked off with the Nintendo DS in November 2004. The very next month, Sony retaliated with the PSP. And now history will repeat itself this year.




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