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How to get a Free iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is possibly the best gadget of 2010. It has broke all sales records for a smartphone but it comes at a price and not everyone can afford one. So whether you can’t afford it or just want to save yourself some money we show you how to get it for free.

Step 1: Simply click on the following link: Free iPhone 4 and enter you email address before proceeding.

“Would you be prepared to complete a free survey in exchange for a free iPhone 4?”

Once you have registered you can get your free iPhone 4 by completing free surveys/or by following the Refer-A-Friend program requirements.

Once you have completed enough free surveys and/or referred enough friends you will be able to order your free iPhone 4.

How to get a Free iPhone 4 iphoneoffer3

If you have any questions post a comment below or you can email us at:

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  • Lauren

    i really want to receive my new iphone4
    but i cant i am having trobble signing up! :cry:
    this is a fabuluos website :-D but can you tell me
    where do you press sign up once you have put in
    all your details like name password stuff like that
    please tell me! :cry:

  • cemina

    If you give my mom a free phone that would be great she lives in st.paul on rice steert in ampartment 1542 ampartment 208.Thank you. :)

  • admin

    Haha, wishful thinking. It’s not very hard to get her one for free though yourself, have a read about the site and get started!

  • catie phanthom hive

    pls give my mum one she really likes i phone 4 and really need it :cry:
    thank you :mrgreen:

  • jayden

    how many referals do i need to get before i can order my free phone?

  • admin

    The referrals for an iPhone on Freebiejeebies are as follows:

    3G (S) 8GB iPhone PAYG – 21 referrals
    iPhone 4 – 16GB Sim Free – 25 referrals
    iPhone 4 – 32GB Sim Free – 29 referrals


  • quebrokri

    “You will be required to fill in your details so they know where to post your free iPhone 4.”
    You can read more about it?

  • gee

    i need in iphone plzzzz :)

  • http://howtogetafreeiphone4 jehad

    plz plz plz give an iphone 4 irealy want :-D

  • Jiah

    Do my referrals need to accept and complete the offers too?

  • admin

    In short, yes.

  • admin

    Check out this freebie forum:

    There are some great tips and information there!

  • Paul

    I wish I will get Iphone 4s soon. I really like this phone. ;)

  • Lisaa

    my name is lisa. i have wanted a iphone 4, 32gig for ages, i recently just saved enough money tp buy a new phone but i couldnt save enough for the iphone 4, 32gig, so i brought a different phone, nothing like i wanted but i really need a new phone now beacse this one has shut down PLEASE i am begging you!. please please can i have a iphone 4 , 32 gig phone fore free. ? PLEASEEE x.

  • admin

    You can sign up to freebiejeebies: click here

    Simply complete a free trial offer and refer some friends, you’ll have your free iPhone 4 in no time! :)

  • Ctabjohnson

    When you say referrals, do I have to give them the email address of this person, or do I just have to get the person to visit the link, or what?

  • admin

    You give them your unique referral link and get them to sign up through it. There is more information here:


    Well, I need to get what before i can order my free phone? thanks.

  • admin

    you refer some friends and family. the amount of referrals depends on which version of the iPhone 4 you choose. referral rates can be found on the referral site!

  • Kaushik Amarthya

    can i really get one???????????

  • admin

    Yes, here is more information:

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Nice Post, thanks for the share, keep it up.

  • Rockbottom704

    Can somebody please guide me through the exact procedure ? Will I be charged anything ? 

  • admin

    Check this out:

    Tells you how everything works… you won’t be charged anything as long as the offer you complete is a free offer. When you register with the referral site you will be able to pick from the free offers! :)

  • Hamish

    Has anyone actually received an iphone by doing this?

  • admin

    Check out the proof page:

    Also check out this popular freebie forum, loads of people receiving items from freebiejeebies everyday:




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