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How To Get A Free Laptop

Can’t afford a Laptop or maybe your current one is falling apart, we show you how to get one for free. If you follow the steps below you could have your free Laptop in a matter of weeks.

How To Get A Free Laptop howtogetafreelaptop

Step 1: You must register with the referral site, this only takes a few minutes of your time. You will be required to fill in your details so they know where to post your free Laptop.

To register with the referral site click here: Free Laptop

“Would you be prepared to complete a free trial offer in exchange for a free Laptop?”

Once you have registered you must complete a free trial offer. There are different offers to choose from depending on were you are in the World. The most popular free trials are Intuit, Equifax and Homestead. You will get charged absolutely nothing for taking out one of these free trial offers.

Step 2: You refer some friends/family to the referral site to do the same. The referral site will give you your own unqiue referral link that you use to refer other people. Once you have enough referrals for your free Laptop you move onto the next step.

If the Laptop you are after is not available on the referral site you can do a custom order for any Laptop on the market.

Step 3: Now that you have enough referrals you will be able to order your free Laptop. It normally takes no more than a week or two to arrive. The referral site also covers all postage costs.

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If you need some convincing check out our proof. If you have any questions post a comment below or you can email us at:

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  • Nwachukwu Chibuzor

    It would be highly appreciated if my request is considered. And I would do everything within my ability to make sure I refer as much as I can. God bless you.

  • nathsy

    I would like 2 take part in such a thing like this!

  • jones addawoo

    hmmmmm just dont know what 2 say
    its like a dream 2 me. i will just have faith.
    maybe words cant explain my feelings if i should have a pc of my own.
    4 de first time in my life. an opportunity to create lots of designs in engraving

  • kamohelo

    I need it and i can’t afford it

  • Linda O’ Malley

    I really want one and would truly appreciate getting one as I’ve never had one of my own. I would also recommend this site to others as it is so helpful! (:

  • Demi Phillips

    this is amazing, its gives people a chance to have things they cant buy themselves

  • pamela

    Im going 2 start college classes online and I need a computer 2 do my homework please help me better my life

  • Robert Hart

    very interested in a free lab top :)

  • Frank Boakye

    i would very grateful if you help me to receive one free laptop from you and should be very appreciation when take consideration.Thank You :-D

  • Ryan Buentello

    I was interested in getting a free ipad since i heard it is good to have at all time. :lol: :-? :-D :-P :-P :-P

  • akimm

    i would very grateful if you help me to receive one free laptop from you and should be very appreciation when take consideration.Thank You :-D
    and may god bless you amen

  • Joseph Filani

    Please i need a laptop. I want to go back to school and I can not afford one


    I am Engineering student and I need a laptop soon. Since I am from a poor family so……

  • alan

    Hi guys i just wish i can get referals sent the link to all my friends on facebook and i got nothing.

  • admin

    Keep an eye on the blog, we’re bringing out a guide and ebook with some tips that should help! :)

  • Joshua Bonah

    Hi,I am Joshua from Ghana and i have difficulties when carrying books to school so i will be pleased and thankful if i get a laptop from you.Thank you

  • Roimata

    Hi guys i really need a laptop for my sister school we could not afford a laptop for her and we a suffering from paying bills

  • Simonrojko96


  • Weissp33

    how do I get a free laptop and have to worry about paying for it.

  • Ppsuhair

    I was interested in getting a free ipad since i heard it is good to have at all time.

  • Aldust2001

    I need a laptop..i’m furthering my degree just now but i cannot affort one..

  • Mary Malicdem

    check this freebies….

  • Fshannon francisranchazie

    is this real or you wasting my and your time ? i could be with my husband so i really hope youre not wasting my time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hey can i get free laptop now

  • Amrahmedamin


  • Jacob Jacob Jacky1

    I need a laptop very badly. can you help me?




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