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Lacie Little Big Disk with Thunderbolt

First hard drive with Thunderbolt Technology revealed

LaCie have revealed the first ever hard drive with the new Thunderbolt Technology. A few days ago Apple announced their new range of MacBook Pro laptops which are the first and only to feature the new Thunderbolt Technology. Thunderbolt is peripheral I/O technology standard which …

Freebiejeebies Referrals

Freebiejeebies Referrals

Want to know how to get freebiejeebies referrals? You’ve come to the right place. If you haven’t already joined freebiejeebies or want to know more about freebiejeebies before you jump in check out this previous blog post which discusses the big question… is freebiejeebies a …

MacBook Pro with new thunderbolt technology

New MacBook Pro range and Thunderbolt Technology unveiled

Apple have officially lifted the lid on the new MacBook Pro. The new MacBook Pro range has been given a complete overhaul with new processor, graphics and other new features. Apple states on their site “State-of-the-art processors. All-new graphics. Breakthrough high-speed I/O. Three very big …

Sony "S1" Tablet

Sony S1 PlayStation tablet coming soon

Mock-up pictures of a tablet have surfaced confirming that Sony are ready to join the tablet war. Engadget managed to get their hands on a picture that shows the device with a ‘wrap’ design, which is quite different from the more conventional design of other …

iPhone 5 Rumours

iPhone 5 rumours: all you need to know

Well it’s that time of year again, when Apple fans start to roam the internet searching for the latest next iPhone rumours. Here at Free The Gadgets we’ve been searching for the latest iPhone 5 rumours and in this article we’re going to look at …


Is 3D TV the future or a dead-end?

Is 3D TV ever going to replace 2D or is it just an expensive novelty? Nowadays, you may find yourself surrounded by hundreds upon thousands of different technological fads and gimmicks that just make you want to scream. When I’m faced by this problem, I …

Nokia Windows 7 Smartphone

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept (Picture)

A concept picture of the new Nokia Windows 7 smartphone has appeared online, showing what it could look like. You may have recently read the news that Nokia are going to be using Windows 7 as its main OS, if not you can read more …

Angry Birds Superbowl Hidden Code

Angry Birds set for Nintendo 3DS release

Angry Birds has taken the gaming world by storm and it will soon be on just about every platform imaginable. During the fourth quarter of Superbowl XLV last night, a 30-second commercial was aired that featured the newest version of the Angry Birds game, which …

3DS vs Next Generation Portable

Next Generation Portable Vs 3DS: Which Is Best?

The seventh generation of gaming kicked off with the Nintendo DS in November 2004. The very next month, Sony retaliated with the PSP. And now history will repeat itself this year.

iPad 2

iPad 2 Release Next Week?

The Apple rumor mill is at it again, with rumors of an iPad 2 release date. According to some German fanatics at MacNotes.de the iPad 2 will be released by 13th February. The forthcoming release of iOS 4.3 provides a vital clue to the release …




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