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Xoo Belt Power Bank

A Belt to Recharge Your Phone and Devices

If you thought that wearable technology couldn’t get better, think again. We’ve heard of glasses and we’ve heard of watches. But now there’s something called a XOO belt. When you look at it, it appears to be a simple belt for men. But what is …

Music Hat for the Winter

3 Warm Hats with Bluetooth Audio for the Winter

If you are looking for some warm hats, caps or woolen beanies for the winter, then why not get those with wireless headphones in them? They give you the heat needed to keep you warm and you can play some music with the Bluetooth connectivity …

Wearhaus Arc Wireless Headphones

Wearhaus Arc: Wireless Social Headphones with Music Sharing

Wearhaus Arc is an innovative piece of gadget with never before seen features in headphones. This wireless device is capable of streaming songs from your smartphone and then sharing it to your friends around you. All this happens over the air and the sync is …

Android Wear Watch

4 Android Wear Watches by the Top Manufacturers

Android Wear features a range of watches powered by Android. They are able to pair with your Android smartphone and provide quick access to notifications and other things like email in your phone. While the area of smart watches is relatively new, there are already many …

Hendo Hoverboard

5 Gadgets for Oct 2014: Hoverboard, Nexuses and More

A lot of new gadgets are being planned, announced and introduced all the time. Some are really useful while others are just impressive with less practical uses. This blog is dedicated towards sharing impressive as well as useful gadgets for the sake of our users. …

Mighty Mug

A Mug That Can’t Be Knocked Over

An important ingredient to increase the productivity of desk workers is a simple coffee or beverage mug. They carry the fuel for our body, helping us work endless hours programming or writing. Whether it is some soda, coffee or even vodka tonic; you can’t just …

Nexus 6 Phone by Google

Three New Nexus Devices Join the Family

One of the best things about October is the fact that Google announces a brand new Nexus phone. This has been happening for the past two years. This year, was no different. Google introduced a new Nexus phone called Nexus 6 along with two other …


3 Virtual Keyboards Built for Portability

Keyboards, they have evolved over time and now we see all sorts of advanced input devices. They are not just limited to wireless connectivity and multi-platform support. We can find all sorts that support tablets, laptops and smartphones. They are specially meant to increase your …

Blackberry Passport

BlackBerry Tries a Comeback with Passport

BlackBerry Passport is the latest phone by this almost forgotten manufacturer of handhelds. Announced back in June 2014, this phone was launched in the beginning of October. With hardware specs to match the latest flagship phones of popular players, it is being sold in batches …

3D Pocketcopter - Tiny Flying Camera

3D Pocketcopter: A Tiny Yet Useful Flying Camera

3D Pocketcopter is marketed as the world’s smallest flying camera. Like its name suggests, this device can fly like a helicopter. It is able to click pictures and take stable videos from distances up to 10 meters, thus enabling you to go above all digital …




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